Your children's eyes, your priority!

It is imperative to pay special attention to your children's vision. Their eyes grow as their bodies grow and their visual defect can evolve throughout their growth. This is why, more than a compensation, glasses are a real treatment for your little ones. This treatment is all the more effective if the treatment takes place at a very young age: it is then necessary to consult an ophthalmologist very early and regularly and to choose an optician also specialized for children.

In CôtéVUE homes, each optician is trained and has the knowledge and skills necessary to equip a child and treat his or her visual defect. This treatment is done through 2 important choices:

  • The choice of lens:
    for each visual defect, corrective lenses and treatments are adapted with very specific measures for children.
  • The choice of the frame:
    a frame is adapted to each face shape and morphology. The adjustment of the frame is also essential and requires a very specific technical skill.La vision des p’tits bouts.

Lenses, for your little ones...

We equip your children with Essilor lenses. We carefully choose the lens according to the ophthalmologist's prescription and your child's profile.

In the majority of cases, we equip them with AIRWEAR JUNIOR, the lens created by Essilor for children. It is a lens that adapts to their needs at all levels:

  • 100% UV protection:
    in order to preserve visual health
  • Shock-resistant:
    for safe falls at playtime
  • Light:
    to make you forget yourself on your little nose.
  • Easy to clean:
    to keep your lenses clean for longer.

UV rays are very harmful for children

UV rays are very harmful for children because until the age of 12, the lens has not reached its maximum efficiency, it lets through 6 times more UV rays than adults. Therefore, we systematically equip our little ones with 100% UV protection on both optical lenses and sunglasses.

Light also contains a harmful part: blue-violet light.

Both natural and artificial light also contain a harmful component: blue-violet light. It is harmful to the cells of the retina. It is emitted by the sun but also by cold white LED lamps, which are mainly present in today's tools: computer screens, tablets, smartphones, etc...

Also, in order to prevent this potential damage to the retina, we strongly recommend for our little ones, the treatment against blue light.

The frame, the most adapted to your little nose

The choice of a frame for a child, must respect certain criteria essential for an effective treatment!

  • A frame made of acetate:
    prevents injuries and allows a better stability on the child's nose.
  • A low bridge:
    Living in an adult world, the child always has to look upwards. So that they cannot "cheat" by looking over their glasses, the frame must go up over their eyebrows.
  • A narrow bridge:
    It promotes the vision of close objects. A baby first discovers his close world, and looks at objects very closely, he needs a wide field of vision at close range.
  • Branches of good length:
    They must be long enough to allow a good fit but reasonably long so that the frame is not thrown forward.
  • Adjustment is essential:
    there must be no pressure from the temples on the sensitive parts, especially those where the vascularization passes.
  • A frame to the child's liking:
    so that they are proud and happy to wear them!

Finally, our opticians for the care of your children are trained in an excellent psychological approach for them and their parents.
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