Our team rue du Bac

Professionalism and enthusiasm

A team of dynamic, dynamic, expert, friendly, fun and smiling eyewear opticians will welcome you and listen to serve you. We will give you a small glimpse...

Chantal Aveque

State qualified optician, founder

Chantal Aveque was trained at the Lissac school for more than 15 years. She is a specialist in difficult or delicate corrections. Her rigour, her sense of welcome, her smile and her experience are a sure value for her clients. Their fidelity is a proof of this.

Benjamin Aubonnet

State qualified optician, Côté Vue Bac director.

After working 7 years with Chantal, he joined her to set up the first Côté Vue house, rue du Bac, which he has been managing since its creation. His technical requirement is a reference and his sense of detail is a marvel for his clients, whom he puts in confidence to take the time to serve them to their complete satisfaction.

Adrien Jacquinot

State qualified optician, Côté Vue Bac vice-director.

Adrien's efficiency and dedication will not escape you. The power of his technical mastery reassures his clients. His natural elegance and taste for beautiful frames lend credibility to his recommendations. His clients love...

Elisa Derche

State qualified optician

You will appreciate the freshness of Elisa, whose good taste and competence will guide you to the equipment best suited to your needs. You will be sure to have a pleasant time in her company. She also likes to find new brands and new products for your enjoyment.

Sophie Nizard Uzan

State qualified optician

Last recruit of Côté Vue Bac team, his gentleness and kindness will reassure you and allow you to choose your optical equipment in all serenity. You will fall under the charm of his pretty smile and his professional expertise.

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