Our team rue de Passy

Dynamism and expertise

A team of dynamic, expert, friendly, fun and smiling opticians will welcome you and listen to you to serve you. We will give you a small glimpse...

Chantal Aveque

State qualified optician, founder and director of the Côté Vue Passy

Céline Courtois

State qualified optician, vice-director of the Côté Vue Passy

For several years, Celine has been working closely with Chantal. Her technical requirement, her constancy and her gentleness are a reference. Her technical skills and experience give her clients confidence. She takes the time to serve them to their complete satisfaction.

Charlotte Martin

State qualified optician, optometrist and contactologist.

With her permanent joie de vivre, Charlotte is all ears and will take great care of you. Very professional and competent in choosing your glasses, she is also our contact lens fitting specialist. With a degree in optometry and contactology, she will know how to give you the best comfort with your lenses, working closely with your ophthalmologist. To be even better served, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our contactologist.

Maxime Desjardins

State qualified optician, optometrist and contactologist.

Maxime, the youngest member of the team but of an astonishing maturity, will welcome you with his charming smile, his well-marked style and will surprise you with his professionalism and excellent advice. Specialist of the workshop, meticulous, Maxime will allow us to deliver your optical equipment mounted with the greatest precision.

Quentin Tessier

State qualified optician

Our newest recruit, was able to join our team on Rue de Passy in record time. With his good humour, he shares our fundamental values: know-how, quality and excellence. Quentin will welcome you warmly, and will be able to give you clear-cut advice both on the choice of your frame and on the lenses. Technique is his strong point and your satisfaction his main challenge.

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